Úvodní slovo předsedkyně MEDICAL Workshop je v tuto chvíli k dispozici pouze v angličtině

Zuzana Šinkorová


On behalf of the Medical Workshop Organizing Committee it is our pleasure to invite you to the WORLD CBRN & MEDICAL CONGRESS 2016 the Workshop is a part of.

We are opening the “Medical Workshop” at the time of worsening of the global safety situation when the research community is expected to produce a specific security measures.

Medical section will focus on the cutting-edge CBRN medical countermeasures and innovative approach in the Field Medicine (Advanced First Aid, Resuscitation Techniques, Material and Pharmacy Support, Robotics), Toxicology, Radiobiology and Biology. The last but not least topic will be Research and Development in the Force Health Support. There is a strong need for a technological push to enhance the future CBRN defense capabilities.

The exchange of scientific information will contribute to the implementation of new knowledge in the Field Medical and countermeasures in CBRN area. The program will serve as a bridge between the civil and military CBRN protection communities and will present new innovative trends. There is a big potential to integrate the expected results of the research program into a future CBRN defense system.

We encourage all congress attendees to participate in the Medical Workshop of the Congress and to enrich the scientific program.

Finally, enjoy CEBIRAM and Prague!

Chairperson of MEDICAL Workshop; Head, Department of Radiobiology, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence, CZE

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