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Agnieszka Kucharska-Jastrzabek


Agnieszka Kucharska-Jastrzabek Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Deputy head of R&D department
Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX



An informational and analytical system to support the risk management in planning and execution of Police operations


Works on the project entitled "An informational and analytical system to support the risk management in planning and execution of Police operations" is performed by the Consortium, consisting of: Police Academy in Szczytno, Institute of Security Technologies „MORATEX”, ASTRI Polska Co. Ltd., Polish Naval Academy and War Studies University.

The aim of the work is to develop a homogeneous database together with the informational and analytical system to support the planning and elaborating optional variants for performing of the Police units operations.

The result of the working system will be an application with a planning and decision-making mechanism and algorithms for forecasting, providing information on the probability of success and necessary resources linked with possible variants of the Police actions.

The system currently under development, will improve the management solutions related to the planning and elaboration of multi-organisational actions and Police operations. It will indicate the necessary forces and resources to be used during the action, the ways and tactics of activities, as well as the characteristics of the security infrastructure, based on the collected historical data and the algorithms developed thereof. The collection of historical and current information from various services will contribute to a more effective managing the actions and Police operations, including improved coordination of Police, Fire Brigade and Rescue Teams.

 The system is intended to support risk management and shall include counteracting the threats at mass events, public gatherings, as well as related to counterterrorist operations, both in the context of performing an action and at the planning stage. Moreover, the system is planned to assist policemen at the stage of officers training.

 Project no. DOB-BIO7/02/01/2015 (acronym: SIA) financed by National Centre for Research and Development under the competition no. 7/2015  for the execution and financing of research projects or development works for the DEFENCE AND SECURITY OF STATE. The value of co-financing of the Project by the National Center for Research and Development 6 300 000 PLN. Project value 6 310 000 PLN

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