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Csaba Ugrik


BG Csaba Ugrik

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Base Commander
Ministry of Defence

Curriculum Vitae

I was born on 24th October 1967 in Baja Hungary. After secondary final examination in 1986, I attended “Kilián György” Aviation Technical College pilot speciality and I was sent to former Czechoslovakia where I took my degree in 1991. I started my career as a military pilot in Taszár at the 2nd “TURUL” tactical squadron where I served till 1996, when I was transferred to Pápa where I was a member of the 1st “GRIFF” tactical squadron till 2000 where I finished flying MiG-21. Then I was assigned to Kecskemét to the 1st “PUMA” squadron. In 2004 a new department was formed and I took a section chief position and became the chief of Flight OPS in 2008. I became deputy base commander in 2012 and on 11th May 2013 I was appointed commander of HDF 59th “Szentgyörgyi Dezső” Airbase.

I have a proficiency level language examination in English, Czech and Slovakian.



National and International Trainings:

1991 Slovakian National Uprising Airforce College/commander-engineer aviation pilot

2000 English language course, University of Veszprém

2001 Tactical and type conversion school MiG-29 HDF 59th “Szentgyörgyi Dezső” Air Base, Kecskemét

2001 Tactical and type conversion school L-39 HDF 59th “Szentgyörgyi Dezső” Air Base, Kecskemét

2002 NFTC, Canada

2005 Preparatory Language course for Gripen retraining, Zrínyi Miklós National    Defense University

2006 JAS-39 Gripen re-training, Satenas Sweden

2012 Simulator training, Sweden

2014 NDC Rome




1992. September – 1996. December, pilot (MiG-21), Taszár

1997. January - 2000. December, Flight Commander (MiG-21), Pápa

2001. January – 2004. September, Squadron OPS officer PUMA (MiG-29) squadron, Kecskemét

2004. September – 2008. March, Section Chief Flight OPS, Kecskemét (MiG-29; JAS-39)

2008. March – 2012. August, Chief of Flight OPS, Kecskemét (JAS-39)

2012. September – 2013 April, deputy base commander, Kecskemét

2013. May, base commander, Kecskemét



Flight facts:

Flight hours: 1730

Aircraft flown: L-29 Dolphin, L-39 Albatros, MiG-21 UM/MF/BISZ, MiG-29

UB/B, Jak-52, Z-726, Hawk, Jas-39 A/B,C/D; L-159A/B; SK-60, Mig 29 UB, B, JAS-39 Gripen A,B, C, D, J-37 Vigen, F-16, Tornado



Awards and decorations:

Service Merit Medal Silver Grade

Service Merit Medal Bronze Grade

Service Merit Medal after 500 flight hours

Service Merit Medal after 1000 flight hours

Gold wreath 1st. class title

Officer’s Service Badge 3rd. class after 10 years

Officer’s Service Badge 2nd. class after 20 years



Degree of Ranks:

Second Lieutenant - 07 11. 1991.

First Lieutenant – 01. 01. 1994.

Captain - 01. 01. 1997.

Major - 01. 01. 2002.

Lieutenant Colonel – 01. 03. 2008.

Colonel – 01.09. 2012.

Brig.Gen – 23.10. 2014.

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