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Martin Paidar

Czech Republic

Assoc. Prof. Martin Paidar MSc., Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Logistics Capability Workshop (LCWS) 2016

Associate Professor
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague


Electrochemistry for Independent Mobile Energy Suply and Water Disinfection

POSTER:  Electrochemistry poses unique option for independent system. It uses electric energy as part of chemical reaction and can be realized worldwide if source of electric energy (i.e. solar panels) is available. Electrochemistry also have unavoidable role for energy storage. For longtime energy storage and for onsite fuel generation the electrolysis of water is versatile option. Hydrogen generated form water onsite can be stored and accordingly to needs converted back to electric energy in fuel cell based system. Minimum noise and no need of supply of huge volumes of fuel to be transported and/or stored represent the main benefits. Another attractive application of electrochemistry technologies is water disinfection. As the water sources are frequently contaminated naturally or intentionally by humans, electrochemical advanced oxidation processes can eliminate biological as well as chemical contamination. Direct generation of ozone or ferrates(VI) on site can eliminate threats like anthrax only by use of electricity.

Co-author: Prof. Karel BOUZEK - University of Chemistry and Technology, CZE

Curriculum Vitae


1997-2002           PhD degree      

             Department of Inorganic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology Prague

             ▪ Knowledge in the field of inorganic technology and chemical engineering. Main focus to the electrochemical processes

1992-1997           MSc degree      

             Department of Inorganic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology Prague

             ▪ Diploma thesis realized at  Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

Professional Experience:

2013 – present  Associate Professor at  UCTP, Faculty of Chemical Technology Prague

2005- 2012           Assistant Professor  at UCTP, Faculty of Chemical Technology Prague

participation on research projects ( cooperation with industry, responsibility for student education in the field of electrochemistry

2002-2004            Research worker on the European Union project: ENK5-CT-2001-00572, "Advanced PEM Fuel Cells".

                Institute of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology Prague

responsibility for realization of experimental work, electrode development and fuel cell testing

Participation on 7 European Commission R&D projects for fuel cell and water electrolysis development. Participation on several national projects supported by  The Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports,  Technology Agency of the Czech Republic,  Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform (HYTEP) Board Member

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