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Rudi Pauwels


Mr. Rudi Pauwels Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Medical Workshop 2016

Chief Executive Officer


Idylla™ Medical Diagnostic System and Mobile Laboratory

Civil military collaboration for civilian and force health protection is critical to successful preparedness and response to emergency infectious disease outbreaks. Idylla™, Biocartis’ fully automated, real-time PCR based molecular diagnostics system, is designed to quickly detect and quantify pathogens present in a variety of (clinical) sample types: blood, swabs, stool and tissue. Idylla™ covers the entire process from sample to result in a time frame of 35 to 150 minutes with less than 2 minutes’ hands-on time. All this is miniaturized into a compact and disposable cartridge.

Idylla Mobile laboratory uses an all-terrain vehicle (4x4 or 6x6 configurations possible, depending on the region and terrain conditions) which is equipped to handle pathogens up to level IV using a closed, under-pressured biosafety isolator with an external entry port to bring infectious samples in. The lab can house up to 8 Idylla Instruments, which offers a test capacity up to 96 tests per day.  Idylla™ Mobile can be deployed during disease outbreaks and is ideally suited for disease surveillance activities.

Curriculum Vitae

Rudi Pauwels, PhD (M) , is the Chief Executive Officer of Biocartis and founded the company in 2007. As a pharmaceutical scientist (1960, Belgium), he belonged to the first group of HIV/AIDS researchers who, shortly after the discovery of HIV in 1983-1984, started the efforts to find new treatments for HIV (AIDS). For nearly 3 decades, he mainly focused on the search and development of anti-HIV drugs, a number of which have been approved and introduced in the clinic while generating several billion USD revenue and the development of diagnostic technologies and products that address the needs in this new era of high precision, more personalized medicine. His research as well as his entrepreneurial career is driven by medical needs and the passion to advance medicine while holding a strong belief in the value of a multidisciplinary scientific, technological and clinical approach to solve the key pharmaceutical and diagnostic challenges. In 2004 he expanded his areas of interest into micro- and nanotechnology and went on a 3-year sabbatical at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), one of the leading research centers in this emerging field. Mr Pauwels is (co)-author of more than 150 papers in peer-reviewed journals and is the recipient of several awards for his scientific and entrepreneurial accomplishments. In 2012, he and Biocartis received the Global Technology Pioneer Award from the World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland). He received an honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Ghent in 2013. Mr. Pauwels holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

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