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Stephen Wagener


Maj. Mr. Stephen Wagener

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Future Soldier Systems Conference (FSSC) 2016

Future Soldier Modernisation
Australian Army Headquarters


Modernisation of the Australian Soldier

New ideas required: How we define and frame a problem, determines how we solve it.  System goal: Overmatch without overburden. Project Outcome: Technical and human performance overmatch against the most likely and most dangerous threats.


The Challenge: The Soldier system is a `Human Platform‘ equipment replacement only maintains parity. Human performance issues and ‘whole of system’ design must be addressed up front, not after equipment acquisition.  Improved human performance requires direct (capital) investment in the education and training function.  The Australian `Soldier System Program‘ seeks to integrate multiple lines of effort to deliver a decisive capability advantage.


`Human System Integration‘ is worth the effort: A difficult task led by Diggerworks and our Defence Scientists.

Curriculum Vitae


Masters in:  Management Studies.

Diplomas in: Logistics, Maintenance Engineering, Risk Management Test and Evaluation.


Professional Experience:

Major Wagener’s `whole-of-system’ approach to Soldier modernisation is underpinned by extensive  test and evaluation expertise across Maritime, Air and Land domains including an explosives trial for UK MoD and operational deployments in Afghanistan to test airborne change detection and vehicle mounted ground penetrating radar.


2001- Present. Technical Staff Officer roles in Capability development and future force design that combine ’hard systems’ engineering with `soft systems’ integration.  This multi-discipline career achieves a balance between the conceptual and the practical. 

1993-96 Mid-career sabbatical with a Supermarket chain (Woolworths P/L  )

Earlier experience in maintenance engineering and logistics management.

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