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Eba Eba Bede Benoit


Group Captain Eba Eba Bede Benoit

Future Forces Forum

Deputy Chief of Cameroon air force staff
Cameroon Air Force

Curriculum Vitae

Education :  
− 1979 batch of France airforce academy of Salon de provence − 1982 : Fighter pilot wings in France fighter jet school of Tours − 1986 : pilot instructors course in France training school of Cognac − 1995 batch of Cameroon joint forces command and staff college − 2002 : Airforce command course in China airforce command college Beijing − 2006 : 3rd International course on international issues in China national defense university CHANGPING 
Successive positions in Cameroon military : 
− Fighter pilot, instructor pilot and flight safety adviser in Cameroon 101 AFB Yaoundé − Commander of Cameroon flight training center Garoua  − 101 Air Force Base Commander  − Cameroon deputy Chief of Air force Staff

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