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Jonathan D. Long

United States of America

LTC (Ret.) Jonathan D. Long

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Future Soldier Systems Conference (FSSC) 2016

Global Innovation Manager


Soldiers - Core of Military Capability

Senior leadership recognizes the Soldier is the single most important asset in the Army.” The first line of protection for soldiers is the uniform. Soldier uniforms and gear must provide tremendous durability. CORDURA® fabrics define durability as Tensile Strength + Tear Strength + Abrasion Resistance. Many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have modernization programs under development for ground combat personnel. These programs share a “Survivability” goal. This goal requires lighter weight, improved protection and performance balance, enhanced comfort, and improved material performance; all achieving better integration. Unlike polyester based uniform and gear solutions, CORDURA® based Nylon 6.6 solutions can offer improvements in abrasion resistance, higher tensile and increased tear resistance, improved moisture management and no melt no drip performance when exposed to thermal threats. Building on the last 50 years, CORDURA® fabrics continue to partner with innovate for NATO forces

Curriculum Vitae

Jonathan (JD) Long is currently the Global Innovation Manager for INVISTA and the Cordura brand. INVISTA has supported the US Military for more than 30 years manufacturing the Nylon fiber upon which 100% of the fabrics used by US Military combat uniforms and load carriage systems are based. Prior to joining INVISTA, he served within the Department of the Army as the Director of Operations for the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Procurement). After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and Acquisition Corps with more than 22 years of active duty service and numerous deployments to combat zones, Mr. Long served in private industry as the Director of Business Development for the largest manufacturer of military clothing and textiles products in the USA and brings to bear more than 20 years of DoD acquisition experience both within the government and industry. His professional focus is on product management, contract management and product development. His last military position was as a Branch Chief where he traveled between Afghanistan, Kuwait and the Pentagon developing the program for the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (Army).

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