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Jan Gavrila


MG (Ret.) Jan Gavrila

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 World CBRN & Medical Congress (CEBIRAM) 2016

Head of Defense, Security and Aerospace Department
Teamnet Group


MEDICS – LogFS Logistics Functional Services Programme for NATO

The Logistics Functional Services programme provides improved interoperability across multiple functions, utilising existing platforms and open systems.

MEDICS, part of LogFS project, is an integrated system whose main goal is to provide all resources required to support triage, treatment, evacuation, injury recovery therapy and flow of corresponding information from initial point of wounding, injury or sickness through evacuation to definitive treatment and final disposition.

For automation and standardisation of medical processes, we provide MEDICS services through largely bespoke modules built on pre-existing medical information management capability and accessed via web services. There will be delivered the integrated IT resources required for Medical Mission Support and Force Health Protection. The software is structured so that it can absorb Medical Planning and Medical Intelligence functions during the Evolution Phase.

The maine deliverables are: patient workflows design, coordination, control and tracking within the medical chain, diagnostics and disease monitoring, as well as predictive analysis.

Curriculum Vitae

With over 30 years of strong work experience in the field of Military, Defense, NATO and Foreign Affairs, Major General (ret.) Jan GAVRILĂ has achieved the following: Work experience: 1982 – 1990 Senior lecturer – Military school of air force officers ”Aurel Vlaicu”- Boboc 1990 – 1991 Flight safety inspector - Military school of air force officers “Aurel Vlaicu” Boboc 1991 – 1996 Head of teaching department - Military school of air force officers “Aurel Vlaicu” Boboc 1996 – 1999 Vice-president – Air Force Academy “Henri Coanda” - Brasov 1999 – 2003 Director of the Regional Center of Defense Resources Management – Brasov 2003 – 2004 Counselor of the secretary of state in charge with the Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defense Policy Department 2004 – 2006 President of the Military Technical Academy - Bucharest 2006 – 2007 Head of the Medical Directorate – Ministry of Defense 2007 Deputy commander of the National Defense University - Bucharest 2008 Undersecretary of state – Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge with organizing the NATO Summit 2008 2008-2009 Deputy of the secretary general – Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2009-2012 Independent consultant on security issues 2012- Head of NATO& Defense Department Teamnet WPS Education and training: 1982 – Military Technical Academy (Bucharest), engineer specialized in Aircraft and Engines 1983 – Psycho-pedagogy training course for teaching staff 1993 - Psycho-pedagogy training course: “Ground instructors. Institutional Techniques course” - 1996 – PhD in Technical Sciences, specialty: Fluids mechanics and hydraulics Military Technical Academy (Bucharest) 1998 - Seminar “Survive to Operate”, Brno, The Czech Republic 1998 - Seminar “Ground Based Air Defense Planning and Survive to Operate”, Brasov 1999 – Defense Resources Management Course – Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA 2001 – Staff officers’ seminar “Studies in Reforming defense: The Economic Challenges and opportunities” –“George C. Marshall” Center European Center for Security Studies, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 2003 – Master’s degree in National Resources Strategy, Armed Forces’ Industrial College, National Defense University, Washington D.C., USA 2004 - Staff officers’ seminar “Transatlantic Relations and the Challenges of Security Cooperation“ – “George C. Marshall” Center European Center for Security Studies, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 2006 – Medical strategic management course – San Antonio, USA 2008 - 2009 Course “Specialized training program for holders of public positions corresponding to superior public servants” – National Administration Institute Organizational skills: Establishment and accreditation of the Regional Center of Defense Resources Management – Brasov Organization of the Chief Information Officers course - Regional Center of Defense Resources Management – Brasov Organization of the first summit of the NATO ministers of defense – Poiana Brasov, 2004 Organization of the NATO Summit 2008 (first deputy of the national coordinator) Organization of the Department for Schengen programs implementation (head of department) Organization of the Defense Department at Teamnet WPS

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