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Ota Rolenec

Czech Republic

CPT Ota Rolenec

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Military Advanced Robotic Systems (MARS) Conference 2016

Senior Lector, Department of Engineer Technology, Faculty of Military Technology
University of Defence


The Requirements for Future Military Robots Supporting Mobility

POSTER: The paper deals with tasks related to engineer support to mobility, contemporary requirements for military robots and their possible future application within mobility support task. The result of this paper is an evaluation of requirements for engineer vehicles predestined for the tasks of engineer mobility support and analysis of the individual engineer tasks from the perspective of the realization by military robots in future operations. Knowledge obtained by studying of scientific and professional literature was assessed by methods of analysis and deduction. Methods of induction and synthesis were used for exploring the possibilities of future application of military robots and for gathering partial conclusions. Information dealing with requirements for engineer means supporting mobility were gathered by method of structured interview from chosen experts. The text provides a general insight in to the issue of robotization of engineer tasks related to engineer support to mobility and requirements for military robots. Thus it mediates a preview on the future performance of engineer mobility tasks and it can serve as a guidance for consideration of prospective investments into engineer corps.

Curriculum Vitae

Education and qualification:

2002-2005       Commander of engineer units/ Faculty of economics and management/University of Defence, (bachelor´s degree)

2005-2006       Pyrotechnic course (6 months)

2008-2010       Commander of engineer units/ Faculty of economics and management/University of Defence, (master´s degree)

2015-               Military management/Faculty of military leadership/University of Defence, (doctoral studies)

Dissertation: Optimization of military engineering with emphasis on mobility support of brigade task force in operation

Work experience:

2005-2008      EOD platoon leader

2007                Kosovo – liaison officer for Kosovo police service in Multinational headquarter

2010-2011      EOD platoon leader

2011-2014      Chief of operational group (S-3)/153rd Engineer Battalion, Olomouc

2012-2013      Afghanistan – EOD platoon leader

2015-               Senior lector/Department of engineer technology/Faculty of military technology/University of defence

Scientific focus:

My main scientific aim is on possibilities of engineer mobility support and request of maneuver units on movement support. My research focus is on existing engineer vehicles for mobility support in NATO armies, their implementation into engineer units and setting standards for their command and control.

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