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Alena Myslivcová Fučíková

Research & Development Czech Republic

Mrs. Alena Myslivcová Fučíková Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 World CBRN & Medical Congress (CEBIRAM) 2016

Postdoctoral researcher
Faculty of Military Health Sciences; University of Defense


Mass Spectrometry-based Method for Detection and Identification of Highly Dangerous Protein Toxins in Environmental Samples

POSTER: Protein toxins (plant, bacterial) are due to the simple preparation procedure and high human toxicity preferred substances for use in bioterrorism. Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) has become an important method for protein detection and quantification in complex samples with high sensitivity, selectivity and good reproducibility. Therefore this method can offer a suitable tool for fast detection, identification and partial quantification of high number of protein toxins in one analytical run. The main goal of our study was to develop a suitable assay for rapid detection, identification and peptide based quantification of selected protein toxins (ricin, abrin, staphylococcal enterotoxin B, toxins from Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium perfringens) in complex biological samples using PRM.

Curriculum Vitae

2007 – Present:       researcher/Postdoctoral researcher (since 2013)

  • mass spectrometry analyses; proteomics; highly dangerous toxins
  • Department of Molecular Pathology and Biology, Faculty of Military Health Sciences; University of Defense

2014 – Present        postdoctoral researcher/lecturer

  • proteomics, genomics
  • Experimental biology group, Department of biology; Faculty of Sciences; University of Hradec Kralove

2012 – 2015            researcher

  • project of Ministry of Interior: New technologies for identification and typing of biological agents; mass spectrometry analyses; proteomics; highly dangerous toxins
  • Biologicals s r. o., Prague

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