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Wolfgang Widders


COL (Ret.) Wolfgang Widders

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 CBRN Workshop 2016

Senior Military Advisor for CBRN protection systems
FUTURETECH Kärcher Group


Future Decontamination Capabilities - a Conceptual and Technological Approach

At the beginning the presentation demonstrates some fundamental statements on threats, risks, concepts, and possible theatres of operation from a German point of view. CBRN defense as a system of systems will only work if we can fall back on different capabilities. The presentation will highlight and focus decontamination technology on a qualified capability level. Thanks to new decontamination systems and the associated new decontamination procedures and decontaminants, CBRN defense forces have a promising future in the field of decontamination and are able to cope with scenarios ranging from incidents of limited scale to a major influx of contaminated assets. Analysis, exploration and evaluation of decontamination systems led to the development of containerized systems with special modules incorporating the needed equipment for the different decontamination functions, namely the devices and appliances, and the resources, such as water, decontaminants and energy. A scrutiny revealed that a lot of systems are not suited for all missions due to their weight and size. Hence, the development of light systems which are air-portable and perfectly well suited for the initial operations conducted by airmobile forces was completed. In this context there will be introduced decontamination technology and systems which guarantee “state-of-the-art” technology, worldwide employability, high performance capability whether employed individually or together, reduced timelines for preparation, decontamination and after-action activities, self-sufficiency for up to 3 hours, flexibility, modularity and mobility, effective use of water resources thanks to low consumption, no more ecologically harmful and aggressive decontaminants, and reduced number of operating personnel and workload. A look into the future concerning the further development of decontamination technology, systems, and procedures as well as new decontaminants will conclude the presentation.

Curriculum Vitae

Col (R) Wolfgang Widders is Senior Military Advisor for CBRN protection systems of different companies. In this position he is responsible for concepts and doctrine as well as contacts to the whole CBRN Defense community worldwide. After humanistic high school exam he started his military career in 1971. He served in the CBRN Def Corps for three years and left the army as Lieutenant in 1974. From 1974 until 1981 he studied law at Ruhr-University in Bochum. During his studies he served in 14 military exercises as reservist. After re-entry in 1982 with the rank of a Captain he was Coy Commander for three years, CBRN Staff Officer 5. Armored Division and Section Chief inside Army Office. 1994 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of CBRN Defense Battalion 7 in Höxter for three years. Further on he served as Section Chief/Dep Division Chief in Armed Forces Office and Assistant Branch Chief inside MoD - Armed Forces Staff - for five years. As Branch Chief inside Joint Support Command, inter alia responsible for the new structure of the CBRN Defense Corps of the Armed Forces as well as concepts and doctrine, he finished his active military career with retirement end of June 2012. He has more than eleven years experiences as subject matter expert inside NATO and EU working groups, often he was head of delegation, and the German negotiator during the implementation phase of the Joint CBRN Defense Centre of Excellence. One highlight in his career was the position of a NATO-Co-Director of an enhanced workshop Science for Peace and Security in KYIV (Ukraine) in 2011. In his reserve status he is holding the position of Department Director “Policy and Forces development” inside CBRN Defense Command Bundeswehr. Wolfgang Widders (63) was born in Westphalia and is married to his wife Petra; their children are Christine (29) and Benedict (28).

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