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Jan Matula

Czech Republic

MAJ Jan Matula

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Standardization Coordinator
Office of Military Geography and Hydrometeorology


Vector Geospatial Databases in the Czech Armed Forces

To achieve the information superiority is one of the key enabler for successful conducting of operations. The Geospatial Service of the Czech Armed Forces contributes to information superiority by very fundamental way. Vector Geospatial Databases play and will play in the future very important role in providing the armed forces with geospatial information that keeps a lot of associated attributes and their values. What are Vector Geospatial Databases for geospatial support of the Czech Armed Forces deployed on its own territory or abroad? How new technologies of geospatial data distribution are applied? What about the feedback from data users? What is our participation on multinational vector data production? What is the application of standards? What are the difficulties or even obstacles of sharing national Vector Geospatial Databases among partners? These are the questions we would like to discuss.

Curriculum Vitae


1995–2000 Military Academy in Brno, Geodesy and Cartography

2000–2005 Officer of the Geodetic Support Department,

2006 Geodetic Course in USA,

2006–2008 Chief of the Special Geography Department,

2008 Senior Officer of the GNSS Department,

2008-2011 Senior Officer of the Geospatial Support Section at MNC NE HQ in Poland,

2010 Chief Geo at IJC HQ in Afghanistan,

2011–2013 Chief of the GNSS Department,

2013 Chief Geo at KFOR HQ in Kosovo,

2014–now Standardization Coordinator

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