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Jamie A. Williamson

International Committee of the Red Cross United Kingdom

Mr. Jamie A. Williamson

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 World CBRN & Medical Congress (CEBIRAM) 2016 Military Advanced Robotic Systems (MARS) Conference 2016

Head of Unit of relations with the Arms Carriers
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)


CEBIRAM: Civil Military Cooperation in Complex Emergencies

MARS: Advanced Robotics - A Humanitarian Perspective"The Evolution of Warfare: Implications for Humanitarian Action"

Presentation World CBRN&Medcial Congress:

Civil Military Cooperation in Complex Emergencies

The increasing role of the armed forces in relief activities, and complex situations, particularly during the emergency phases of natural disasters, is evident, given the likely superior logistical capacity of the military response, which can result in faster and larger amounts of much-needed aid being received by affected people in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. As a result, in many contexts, as witnessed during the Ebola crisis in 2015, military and humanitarian actors will likely be called upon to ‘work together’ for the benefit of the affected communities. In light of the respective mandates and roles of the militaries and humanitarian actors, CMCoord requires differentiated and contextualised approaches and people-centred responses, rather than a “one-size-fits-all approach”.  CMCoord is an essential aspect of humanitarian action, including at minimum the necessary network-building, communication, and coordination as relates to the security, acceptance, and access of humanitarian personnel and volunteers.

Presentation Military Advanced Robotic Systems Conference:

Advanced Robotics - A Humanitarian Perspective"The Evolution of Warfare: Implications for Humanitarian Action"

With the development of more sophisticated weapons and weapons systems, including autonomous technology, it has been argued that ‘cleaner’ wars may be possible, enabling much more precise targeting and efficient defense weapons systems, and minimizing excessive collateral damage. Armed conflicts could become ‘de-humanized’ in the sense that unnamed weapons, vehicles and drones, and the reach of cyber lessen the involvement of the soldier on the battlefield. The risks with the technological advances are evident. Yet there are also possible opportunities from the humanitarian perspective. If war is to be fought with drones and robots, will the delivery of humanitarian aid follow suit? To what extent will humanitarian agencies be able to benefit from and harness technological advances to deliver humanitarian aid?

Curriculum Vitae

Jamie Williamson is Head of Unit, Relations with Arms Carriers, at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). With a team of over 40 delegates worldwide, he is responsible for the strategic orientation and implementation of core programs, advising and training State and non-State arms carriers, including multinational forces and private military and security contractors. Jamie Williamson has previously served as the ICRC’s Legal Adviser for Common Law Countries, and, from 2008 to 2011, he served as the ICRC Legal Adviser for the Washington D.C. Delegation, providing legal support for ICRC activities in the U.S. and Canada, with particular focus on Guantanamo and military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. From 2005, as regional legal adviser based in Pretoria, South Africa, Jamie Williamson assisted State authorities and international organisations in southern and eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean on the implementation of international humanitarian law, international criminal law and weapons treaties. Before joining the ICRC, Jamie Williamson was with the UN ad hoc international criminal tribunals in Tanzania and the Netherlands, and the Special Court for Sierra Leone, working on the first international judgments on the crimes of genocide and war crimes in non-international armed conflicts, at trial and appellate level. He has published numerous papers on repression of war crimes, international justice, and challenges to international humanitarian law in contemporary armed conflicts. Jamie Williamson is on the Faculty of the Human Rights Academy at American University, and was a Visiting Professor of Law at New England School of Law, in Boston.

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