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Aki Lilja


Mr. Aki Lilja MSc.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Geospatial, Hydrometeorological and GNSS (GEOMETOC) Workshop 2016

Regional Manager


The Importance of Accurate Measurement in Soundings Operations

Radiosonde measures critical atmospheric variables from the ground to altitudes up to 35 km with accuracy and precision that cannot be obtained with any other meteorological observations. The quality and reliability of the measurements are essential because even small inaccuracies in the profiles can prevent the meteorologists from observing critical details and making the correct conclusions of the weather. When conducting a sounding, the radiosonde will transmit measurement data by radio to a ground receiver. To provide value, a sounding system needs to work reliably. It should provide excellent data availability and accurate measurements, at all times and consistently. In any sounding system the radiosonde must be fast and stable with individual, SI-standard traceable calibration. Seamless communications between the radiosonde and ground equipment are essential. During this presentation we will cover the importance of accurate weather measurement in weather prediction, and also go through the commonly used equipment for observing weather in mobile field conditions.

Curriculum Vitae

Aki Lilja holds MSc in Engineering Physics from the Helsinki University of Technology (current name Aalto University). He joined Vaisala in 1997 and has worked in various positions, including radar algorithm development and validation for atmospheric applications, software R&D team leader, sales manager for the Nordic Countries, application manager for radiosondes and weather radars, and team leader for global technical sales support for meteorology. He is currently Regional Manager for Vaisala Weather business in Europe, leading a team of sales managers that seek solutions to customers’ weather observation needs in all Vaisala’s Weather customer segments. The emphasis is to find solutions that benefit customers’ operations by providing superior value through high quality observations in a cost efficient manner over the lifecycle of the observation system.

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