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Marek Kalbarczyk


Mr. Marek Kalbarczyk

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Individual Systems Congress (FFISC) - International Industry Day 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Project Officer Land Systems Technologies
European Defence Agency (EDA)


EDA Activities in Soldier System Domain

European Defence Agency CapTech Ground Systems (Land) is currently addressing the following technology gaps: fully integrated, reconfigurable and upgradable platforms and mission systems; modular multipurpose vehicle design; power generation and energy storage; enhanced autonomy, conveying and ground traffic insertion of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV); enhanced agility and performance of soldier systems and enhanced detection and identification of IEDs while on the move. The CapTech Land addresses these topics through a system perspective meaning that its approach is more “capability driven” rather than “technology driven”. Within soldier systems main activities are performed in the frame of the Combat Equipment for Dismounted Soldier Feasibility Study Programme (CEDS FSP), where nine feasibility projects have been conducted addressing technological advancements in observation, energy, human factor and survivability areas. From capability perspective one of the current critical requirement for soldier systems is to increase both its protection and combat effectiveness without increasing its weight. This could be achieved by decreasing weight of all components or designing soldier’s system which is mission tailored. For both solutions, the current CEDS FSP will provide only limited answers. However this aspect is being addressed in the Standard Architecture for Soldier Systems (STASS) study aiming to develop an open system architecture with focus on power management and infrastructure which shall promote interoperability and interchangeability for national dismounted soldier programmes both at the system level and the component level. Information management and infrastructure will be addressed in the future study. The EDA activities in soldier systems with focus on CESD FSP programme outcomes will be presented. The STASS study will be provided in details by the study contractor (a separate paper was submitted “Standard Architecture for Soldier Power System”; Contact Author: Name: Jasper Groenewegen) Therefore it would be appreciated if EDA and STASS presentation will be put together.

Curriculum Vitae

Marek Kalbarczyk is working at the EDA as Project Officer Land Systems Technologies from 2013. He is responsible for moderating CapTech Ground Systems where R&T activities in support of areas as ground vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, soldier systems, C-IED or Non-Lethal Weapons are conducted. He is professional soldier in the Polish Army with colonel rank and his last national position was R&T Point of Contact to EDA and NATO Science and Technology  Organization. He also served in NATO environment as an information manager in Allied Land Component Command in Heidelberg, DE and did an operational tour in the ISAF HQ  Afghanistan between 2007 and 2008.

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