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Alexander Zotos


Mr. Alexander Zotos

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Logistics Capability Workshop (LCWS) 2016

Hybrid Systems Product Manager in Intracom Defense Electronics, External member of NATO HQ Smart Energy Expert Team


Smart Micro-Grids Create new Deployable Energy Ecosystem

This briefing will explain why deployed camps present unique capabilities for energy efficiency, as a result of holistic electric system architecture. Most Electric Systems (generation-distribution-consumption) present limited capabilities for end-to-end control, since the many different stakeholders have to put a regulatory framework on debate about the share of burden imposed by the required changes in installations, changes that in turn are subject to a separate discussion among different technologies. Things are simpler with electric infrastructure in deployed camps, where its stakeholders (rarely more than one) need rather a decision than a framework agreement. Industry accepts the challenge to provide decision assistance through proven solutions to customers having this flexibility. The proposed solutions exploit the capabilities of smart Micro-Grids integrating multi-sources power generation, distribution and consumption under common management that creates an Energy Ecosystem offering exceptional configuration flexibility, scalability and mobility with high proven efficiency, performance and significantly low Life-Cycle-Cost.

Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Zotos, born in 1962, graduated with an electronics engineering diploma from the National Technical University of Athens Greece in 1988. In 1990 Alexander took a position as a Power Systems engineer in Intracom Telecom and from 2000 served as Power Systems Group Manager in IDE Intracom Defense Electronics. After successfully completing a research program on Military Hybrid Power Systems at 2012, Alexander obtained his current position as Hybrid Systems Product Manager in Intracom Defense Electronics. A. Zotos actively participated in the military logistics international exercise “Capable Logistician 2015”. He is an external member of NATO HQ Smart Energy expert team.

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