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Daniel Petriľák

Czech Republic

Mr. Daniel Petriľák MSc

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Project Officer Medical, Capability, Armament & Technology Directorate
European Defence Agency


The Activities Performed by the EDA in the Domain of Medical Support

Presentation covers the activities performed by the EDA in order to introduce Agency, which tasks include supporting the development of European defence capabilities and military cooperation, stimulating defence Research and Technology (R&T) and strengthening the European defence industry. In medical field with the aim to support the improvement of current and future medical capabilities for CSDP Operations by promoting and improving interoperability and cooperation in medical support, with particular reference to the activities performed in the domains of deployable medical treatment facilities, aeromedical evacuation, medical equipment or  medical training.

Curriculum Vitae

I have been working in various position in Military Medical Service of Czech Armed Forces from tactical to strategic level mainly related to the primary care and medical materiel management. My main area of responsibility for many years have been medical materiel management and supply for the Czech MoD. I was responsible for the project management and life cycle of medical material and supplies, which included planning, preparation and development policies and doctrines. I have been deployed several times, for example operations IFOR or Enduring freedom and also I have participated in various multinational military exercises.

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