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Derek Tarrant

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service United Kingdom

Mr. Derek Tarrant

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 World CBRN & Medical Congress (CEBIRAM) 2016 Medical Workshop 2016

Military & Disaster Relief International Account Manager
Philips Healthcare


The Opportunity for Future Military Healthcare Needs

The shape of future forces is changing as major reforms take place globally and also as the nature of the situations they respond to change. How can we ensure that military medical capability also adapts and continues to deliver optimal care now and in the future? Partnerships, planning, technology, innovation, adaptable, flexible solutions and connected data all have a part to play. So too does having a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and the need to work together with industry to co-create solutions and develop clinical workflows that supports that vision. This presentation will cover the above points as well as share some insight into the newest technology solutions currently being developed for the provision of deployable military medical care.

Curriculum Vitae

After starting a career in electronic engineering in aerospace research with the UK MOD at Farnborough Aerospace i then moved in a global specialist role in semiconductors and high voltage and high power electronics. I moved into medical related technologies in the late 1980’s to develop Nuclear Medicine systems and Bone Densitometry development. I moved to one of the worlds leading organisations to work with the fast pace developments of CT and MRI scanners, and became the Business Manager for CT for Elscint, Picker and Marconi who’s healthcare business was purchased in 2000 by Philips. Within Philips Healthcare i continued to be responsible for CT & MRI until i moved into a European role looking after cross border business development of healthcare providers. From 2006 i also took over management of radiation oncology and since 2010 whilst managing this business until early 2015 i had also been part of a team developing our Military and Disaster Relief proposition, in which i now serve in the role of Military & Disaster Relief IKAM, managing business and system integrators across Western and Central and Eastern Europe.

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