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Sabina Lajdová

Czech Republic

Ms. Sabina Lajdová

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Military Advanced Robotic Systems (MARS) Conference 2016

Security Systems Specialist
Prague Airport


Mitigation Threats from UAS and Possible use of UAS for Perimeter Protection at Specific Civil Airport Conditions

Civil airport perimeter security is based on fences, visual observation and perimeter intrusion detection systems. All these technologies such as electronic fences, near fence detectors (infrared barriers), thermal vision cameras with videoanalysis and even perimeter doppler surveillance radars are designed to detect intruders on ground. New threats were created with the latest technology development that can intrude airplanes in the most critical parts of flight which are take off and landing. When creating a system of UAS threats mitigation at the civil airport we need to respect the air traffic. Anti UAS systems can not disrupt navigation and communication systems used at the airport. This specific conditions of civil airport need to be respected even when using own UAS for perimeter protection.

Curriculum Vitae

I graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague with a master´s degree in Air Transport, specialization of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems. I joined Prague Airport on part time job during the studies. Since 2013 I work as a Security systems specialist for Security Strategy and Standards branch. My field of expertize is Security Systems. I am responsible for Security Systems such as Access Control, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and CCTV where the responsibility ranges from acquisition, implementation and development. I am currently engaged with Security Systems Integration project that will upgrade the capabilities of the Security control room and the last phase of Perimeter Security Improvement project. I have actively participated on first two stages of this project where Perimeter Surveillance radar with complementary mid –range thermal vision systems we deployed at Prague Airport.

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