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Jana Barančicová

NATO Czech Republic

Ms. Jana Barančicová

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Future Soldier Systems Conference (FSSC) 2016

Vice-chairperson NATO LCG DSS/CCIEP WG, Chairperson of the Future Soldier Systems Conference
Logistics Agency, Logistic Materiel Supply Center Brno, Dept. For Technical Specifications


Introductory Remarks

Curriculum Vitae

Jana Barančicová has been working for the Ministry of Defence since 2000 in various positions, starting as part of a team specialized in internal military regulations in the area of clothing and individual equipment. Currently, she works in a development department focused on the introduction of new uniforms into the armed forces, on innovations to clothing and personal equipment for soldiers and on preparing technical specifications. Later this year she is to become head of the Standardisation and Laboratory Group.


Since the beginning, she has been involved in international cooperation and standardisation within NATO. After holding a longstanding membership, she became vice-chairperson of the Combat Clothing, Individual Equipment and Protection Group (under the NATO Land Capability Group Dismounted Soldier Systems) in 2008. She also temporarily took over chairman’s duties from 2012 to 2014.


In 2014, her cooperation with the present-day Future Forces Forum team started when she was a programme committee member of the Open NATO Future Soldier Workshop that was one of the events included in the Future Forces Exhibition and Conference.

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