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Carl A. Curling

United States of America

Mr. Carl A. Curling Sc.D

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Medical Workshop 2016

Office of the Army Surgeon General in Support of National and NATO Requirements


US Radiological Agent Analysis

Co-presentation with LTC H. Mike STEWART, Jr.

This presentation identifies and illustrates the applicability of using a novel measure of hazard to evaluate the credibility of a radioisotope to pose a threat in a specified radiological weapon scenario. The analysis identifies the radioisotopes of interest from within the full spectrum of radiological threats. Thirty one radioisotopes were evaluated for their credibility as radiological weapons under seven different routes of exposure (or types of radiological weapons), including external irradiation from a point source or contaminated ground; aerosol exposure by inhalation, ingestion, contamination, and submersion in contaminated air; and immersion in a radioactive gas. The novel measure, a ratio of the activity of a radioisotope found in commercial practice (“P”) with the amount of radioactive material to cause concern (“C”) within a specified scenario, is described. The P/C ratio is an indication of enough radioactive material is available to credibly construct a radiological weapon for the given scenario. It is useful in limiting the number of different radioisotopes considered. Further work can be done to address physical form, security, and other aspects which limit the utility and availability of radioisotopes, and there by limit the credibility of using them in a radiological weapon scenario.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Corona, California, Dr. Carl Curling is the son of retired Navy officer, is himself a retired Army officer, and continues to pursue his passion for technological health and safety. Carl has lived in a baker’s dozen states, and visited all over the U.S. (he’s missed only Oregon and Alaska, so far), Europe, East Asia and the Pacific. Since he took his first course in radiation safety, Dr. Curling’s interest has focused not just on building and using technology, but on doing so safely. Lieutenant Colonel Curling served 22 years in the US Army Medical Service Corps as a Nuclear Medical Science Officer. His assignments in the military started as a Survey Officer in the Health Physics Division of the Army Environmental Hygiene Agency, and included serving as Chief of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Sciences Branch at the Academy of Health Sciences, as the Medical NBC Defense Staff Officer in the Office of the Army Surgeon General, and as the Deputy for Research and Development and Medical to the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Civil Support. Since 2002 Dr. Curling has been a Research Staff Member in the Strategy, Forces, and Resources Division of the Institute for Defense Analyses. He currently leads studies on developing chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) medical support doctrine and casualty estimation methodologies for the Office of the Army Surgeon General in support of national and NATO requirements. Dr. Curling holds a Doctor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences from Harvard School of Public Health, as well as a Masters of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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